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Connecticut Press Club 2014


Greenwich magazine

First Place Feature story

• Out of the Shadows

The diagnosis and treatment of mental illness has garnered a huge amount of attention from politicians, health care advocates, lobbyists and even the President. Here, a local perspective on the national discussion of obstacles, causes and treatments

By Stephen Sawicki, Edited by Cristin Marandino

October 2013

First Place Personality Profile

In The Face of Adversity

Chuck Close Creates Massive-scale Portraits That Have Solidified His Place Among the Modern Masters of The Art World

By Timothy Dumas, Edited by Cristin Marandino

September 2013

Second Place Personality Profile

• Righting the Wrong

Sure, John Kelly appears regularly on CNN, NBC, and Fox. And yes, his clients who include the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Natalee Holloway) are at the center of some of the biggest news stories in history. But it seems he’s more comfortable setting up a string operation to catch a cold-blooded killer than he s being interviewed for a magazine article

By Timothy Dumas, Edited by Cristin Marandino

February 2013

First Place Page Design

• Modern Cool

Art Direction by Holly Keeperman, Photographs by Hulya Kolbasis

March 2013

Stamford magazine

Second Place Feature Story

• Soap Dish

All My Children and One Life to Live Are Back From the Dead and Setting Digital Viewing Records From Their Production Digs in Stamford

By Beth Cooney, Edited by Camilla Herrera

July/August 2014

Honorable Mention Personality profile

• Building It Forward

Jim Ziolkowski reflects on two decades of doing good for kids around the world as founder and CEO of Stamford-based buildOn

By C. J. Hughes, Edited by Camilla Herrera

September/October 2014 

New Canaan • Darien Magazine

Third Place Feature Story

• Rising Above

In Noroton Bay, the real impact of Hurricane Sandy hits home as residents contend with construction on a mass scale. Yet this close-knit community soldiers on

By Mary Kate Hogan, Edited by Jeanne Craig

July/August 2013

Third Place Personality Profile

• The Curious Case of Topher Grace

Many have wondered why, given his considerable talents, Topher Grace has yet to break out as a major star. But Grace, who grew up in Darien, Is really just a humble guy who's had the luxury of carefully choosing projects, including his latest role in The Big Wedding

By Stephen Sawicki, Edited by Jeanne Craig

March/April 2013

Westport magazine

Second Place Page Design

Paradise Found

Art Direction Venera Alexandrova, Photographs by various photographers

May/June 2013

Third Place Page Design

Sporting Life

Competition, Community & Equestrian Tradition

Art Direction Venera Alexandrova, Photographs by Melani Lust

May/June 2013

Honorable Mention Page Design

On the Move

These Local Teens Travel in Many Circles While Also Moving Straight Toward an Exceptionally Bright Future

Art Direction Venera Alexandrova, Photographs by Andrew Sullivan

Sept/Oct 2013

Ocean House Magazine

First Place PR materials

Ocean House Magazine

Jeanne Craig

athome in Fairfield County

First Place Photo Essay

• White Space

athome's Creative/Editorial Director Amy Vischio takes on a very personal project—her own home in Fairfield.

Photos by Amy Vischio

September/October 2013

Second Place Photo Essay:

• Natural Edge

Designer Amy Aidinis Hirsch took this house from overdone to simply streamlined

Photos by Amy Vischio

May/June 2013

Third Place Photo Essay:

• Best of Design

Photos by Matthew Cherry

July/August 2013

Honorable Mention:

• Designers' Own Homes

Top talents show us how they live at home

Photos by Amy Vischio

September/October 2013